Investment Management

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Week 1: Introduction to financial markets, institutions, and assets;Investment as a process; and Investment philosophiesWeek 2:Fixed income securities: Term structure of interest rates; Bonds, their valuation, pricing, yield and duration, convexity, and their inter-relationshipsWeek 3:Equity as an asset class: risk-return tradeoff; Valuation approaches, DCF versus multipliers; Equity investment strategiesWeek 4:Pricing of equity assets: Index models; Capital asset pricing model (CAPM) and arbitrage pricing theory (APT)Week 5:Mutual funds as investment; Advantages and disadvantages of investing in mutual funds; Hedge funds, index funds, ETFs, and other categoriesWeek 6:Security Analysis and portfolio management; Fundamental and technical analyses; Portfolio theory and asset allocation; Investment strategiesWeek 7:New asset classes and alternative investments; Introducing new-age assets in a portfolio; Cryptocurrencies as an asset classWeek 8:Portfolio performance evaluation; Factors driving portfolio performance; Investment strategies and market timing