Investment Management in an Evolving and Volatile World by HEC Paris and AXA Investment Managers

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  • Defining Your Objectives and Universe
    • As the first module of the course, we will start with helping you to identify which kind of investor you are, and what are your investment objectives. Then, we will give you an overall view of investible assets and the financial market. In addition, we will introduce the concepts of risk and returns in portfolio management which will help you to make better investment decisions.
  • How to Build an Investment Solution
    • This is the second week of our study. We first learn how to optimize a portfolio allocation given your investment objectives. Then we will learn how to integrate your investment constraints to find a feasible investment solution. You will use asset pricing models to improve your portfolio performance by improving your understanding of financial asset returns. Finally, you will apply different hedging techniques to remove unwanted risk in our portfolios.
  • Exploring Specific Portfolio Management Techniques
    • We take in this module a closer look at investment strategies. We start by examining both quantitative active and qualitative strategies, and understanding their respective benefits. In the second lesson, we will learn how to apply these strategies in real life, including how to translate a strategies into transactions. We finish by examining extreme events in financial markets during which investment strategies were challenged.
  • The Asset Management Industry: Selecting or Becoming a Fund Manager
    • In this final module, we cover the details of the asset management industry. We start by understanding what it takes to make a proper decision when hiring a fund manager. We will learn how to evaluate his or her performance, and to select the right one depending on our investment objectives. Then, we cover the functioning of an asset management firm. We will learn the different career paths within an asset management firm. We will also cover the different stages of the life cycle of an investment product, including the role of each department within the firm and the impact of regulations on their design.