Intuit Academy Bookkeeping

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Course 1: Bookkeeping Basics
- Offered by Intuit. This is the first course in a series of four that will give you the skills needed to start your career in bookkeeping. If ... Enroll for free.

Course 2: Assets in Accounting
- Offered by Intuit. In this second course, you will dive deeper into the world of bookkeeping and focus on accounting for assets. If you are ... Enroll for free.

Course 3: Liabilities and Equity in Accounting
- Offered by Intuit. In this third course, you will learn about liability and equity accounts and its effect on the balance sheet. If you have ... Enroll for free.

Course 4: Financial Statement Analysis
- Offered by Intuit. In the final course of this certificate, you will apply your skills towards financial statement analysis. If you have the ... Enroll for free.