Introductory Neuroscience & Neuro-Instrumentation

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Week 1: Introduction to Neurophysiology, Basic Operation of Human BrainWeek 2: EEG introduction, EEG recording systems, Understanding EEG waveforms, Applications of EEG analysisWeek 3: Epilepsy a classic Neurophysiological disorder, Types of Epilepsy, Role of EEG Signal Processing for Epilepsy Classification/ ScreeningWeek 4: Signal Conditioning for EEG and ECG signal processing with demonstration of ECG signal processing circuitsWeek 5: Cortical Auditory Event Potential (CAEP), Different Event Related Potentials and their applications: MMN and P300.Week 6: EEGLAB and ERPLAB Signal Processing Demo using MATLABWeek 7: Brain Computer Interface: Introduction, Applications, Existing BCI SensorsWeek 8: Electrophysiology Techniques for BCI: Technologies of BCI kits, Recording Brain Waves In humans and animals, “Touching” Infrared, Epidermal ElectrodesWeek 9: Completing the BCI Loop in Humans without Neurosurgery: Designing Magnetic stimulatorsWeek 10:Invasive Techniques to acquire neurological signals, Types of implants and signal conditioning systemsWeek 11:Tetrodes Fabrication, Microneedle Fabrication, Implanting Tetrodes and microneedles on a rat modelWeek 12:Design and Fabrication of Closed Loop Rat Training System, Signal acquisition and post-processing