Introduction to Wireless and Cellular Communications

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Week 1: Overview of Cellular Systems and evolution 2g/3G/4G/5GWeek 2: Cellular Concepts – Frequency reuse, Cochannel and Adjacent channel Interference, C/I, Handoff, Blocking, Erlang CapacityWeek 3: Wireless propagation Part 1 - Link budget, Free-space path loss, Noise figure of receiverWeek 4: Wireless propagation Part II - Multipath fading, Shadowing, Fading margin, Shadowing margin,Week 5: Antenna DiversityWeek 6: Wireless Channel CapacityWeek 7: MIMOWeek 8: CDMA Part IWeek 9: CDMA Part IIWeek 10: OFDM and LTE Part IWeek 11: OFDM and LTE Part IIWeek 12: Large Scale Propagation effects and Channel Models