Introduction to Using Total Intravenous Anaesthesia (TIVA)

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Grow your understanding of TIVA techniques and how to use them

Total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA) has several increasingly obvious advantages over inhalation techniques. Traditional anaesthesia teaching, however, is skewed towards inhalation.

This medical course from Hong Kong University will dispel myths and misunderstandings about TIVA and will help you translate theoretical knowledge of using TIVA into your everyday practice.

Explore the pharmacokinetics of common drugs used for TIVA

There are many advantages of TIVA. From ease of use and safety to affordability and availability of both the drugs and equipment, recent developments in TIVA have made it more of a suitable option for administering anaesthetic.

On this course, you’ll look at the psychological and social factors that have created a behavioural barrier for the TIVA technique. You’ll then delve into the proprietary pharmacokinetic models, as well as the pharmacokinetics of the different drugs used for TIVA.

Discover analgesia for TIVA and how to ensure a smooth recovery

Ensuring a smooth recovery from TIVA is vital for many reasons. This course will guide you through intra-operative and postoperative analgesia for TIVA to help you improve the recovery process following anaesthesia.

Then, to broaden your understanding of this practice and better inform your decisions, you’ll dive into the environmental impact of anaesthesia.

Learn from the experts at LKS Faculty of Medicine

HKUMed is the longest established institution of higher education in Hong Kong and consistently ranks as one of the top three universities in Asia for clinical, pre-clinical, and health subjects.

As a well-known pioneer in medical education, training, and research, the LKS Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong is perfectly placed to guide you through using TIVA.

This course is designed for medical professionals who are either new to TIVA or who are occasional practitioners.

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Recommended textbook to supplement learning. Taking on TIVA: Debunking Myths and Dispelling Misunderstandings Irwin M, Wong G & Lam S. (2019). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.