Introduction to User Experience Design

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  • Welcome
    • What you should know before you start this course
  • Overview of User Experience Design
    • In these lectures we introduce the basic concepts covered in this course.
  • Requirement Gathering
    • The first step of the design cycle is presented along with techniques that are relevant for understanding the user and tasks. There is also a focus on how to present findings from this phase of the design cycle.
  • Designing Alternatives
    • The second step of the design cycle is presented. Students are shown how to take the findings from phase 1 (requirement gathering) to design mobile and ubiquitous computing systems that meet the usablility constraints that were identified.
  • Prototyping
    • The third step of the design cycle is presented. Once the best design is chosen how to we iteratively design models of the system to quickly allow user to interact and provide feedback.
  • Evaluation
    • The fourth step of the design cycle is presented. Techniques for determining how well the design meets usability constraints and user experience are presented