Introduction to Uncertainty Analysis and Experimentation

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I will address fundamental topics on uncertainty analysis and their applications and give an overview of experimentation. Practicing engineers, researchers, and engineering students at UG, PG and PhD, from many disciplines will benefit from this course. The topics include experimentation process, errors in measurement, uncertainty in a measurement and in the result, uncertainty propagations, pre- and post- test uncertainty analysis, uncertainty analysis for design of set-up, and regression and correlation. The methodology will follow ASME “Performance Test Code”, and ISO “Guide to the expression of Uncertainty in Measurement”. I will discuss a variety of practical applications and use of national and international standards related to engineering and research and their relevance in education.
UG, PG and PhD level engineering students; Engineering faculty; Professionals in industry and R & D laboratoriesPREREQUISITES : This course is aimed at 3rd/4th year undergraduates, masters, and PhD students, and at professionals with at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering or science.INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Topics in this course are relevant to many industries, especially MSMEs as it will enhance quality and adherence to standards.