Introduction to the Travel & Tourism Industry: Passport to the World

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Descripción del Curso

Develop your passion for travel or a future career in the tourism industry

The Travel & Tourism sector contributed 319 million jobs to the economy in 2018. Whether you’re planning a trip or looking to work in travel, on this course, you will explore key brands and trends in travel and tourism.

You will learn about the structure of the Travel & Tourism industry and how it operates. You will learn where people travel, how they get there, and what they do when they arrive. You will also explore hotel and hospitality business strategy, food, and how to harness the power of social media when traveling or working abroad.

This course is for people who are considering a career in the Travel & Tourism industry. This course will also be of interest to those who are planning a trip abroad or are looking to set up a new business in the industry.

You will only need a computer or tablet or smartphone with internet access. A printer may be useful but is not vital to learning.