Introduction to System Dynamics Modeling

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This course will introduce students to systems thinking and system dynamics (SD) methodology, to model, simulate, analyze, understand and discuss complex issues. SD focusses on the structure and dynamic behavior of systems composed of interacting feedback loops. The system structure is captured using causal loop diagrams (CLDs) or stock-flow diagrams (SFDs).This course will introduce model-building using CLDs and SFDs notations. Basic model structures such as positive feedback or reinforcing structure, negative feedback or balancing structure, S-Shaped growth structure, structures producing oscillations, overshoot and collapse will be discussed. Essential modeling elements such as delays and (nonlinear) table functions will also be discussed. Examples and scenarios will be drawn from various business, social, economic, environmental and ecological systems.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : All Engineering studentsPREREQUISITES : NoINDUSTRY SUPPORT : TCS, General Mills, etc