Introduction to Solid State Physics

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Week 1: Introduction to Drudes free electron theory of metals, electrical conductivity Ohms lawand Hall effectWeek 2: Introduction to Sommerfeld's modelWeek 3: Specific heat of an electron gas and the behaviour of thermal conductivity of a solid and relationship with electrical conductivityWeek 4: Periodic Arrays of Atoms, Fundamental Types of Lattices, Index System for Crystal PlanesWeek 5: Direct Imaging of Atomic Structure, Diffraction of Waves by Crystals, Reciprocal lattice, Brillouin ZonesWeek 6: Vibrations of Crystals with Monatomic Basis, Acoustic and Optical modesWeek 7: Two Atoms per Primitive Basis, Quantization of Elastic Waves, Phonon MomentumWeek 8: Phonon contribution to heat capacity, Einstein and Debye theory of specific heatWeek 9: Bloch Functions, Nearly Free Electron Model, Kronig-Penney ModelWeek 10: Wave Equation of Electron in a Periodic Potential,Band GapWeek 11: Equations of Motion, effective mass, concept of a hole, Intrinsic Carrier Concentration, Impurity ConductivityWeek 12: Superconductivity