Introduction to Social Media Marketing

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  • The Social Media Landscape
    • This week you'll get an introduction to the Facebook Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate program, then you'll dive into an introduction to marketing and social media marketing, learn about how businesses use social media and get a basic overview of the social media landscape.
  • Social Media Platforms Overview
    • In week two, you'll learn the ins and outs of some of the major social media platforms as well as the differences between how individuals and businesses can and do use them.
  • Goals and Planning for Success
    • In week three, you'll dig into two foundational skills for a marketer, defining SMART goals and key performance indicators. These are key components in building out a marketing campaign no matter what platform you operate on. At the end of the week you'll complete your first project and apply your learning to a real life scenario.
  • Understand Your Audience
    • This week, you'll turn your focus to developing a target audience persona and a customer journey. This foundation to any marketing campaign builds off of what you learned last week on goals and key performance indicators. You'll end the week with a project in which you will build your own target audience persona and customer journey.
  • Choose Your Social Media Channels
    • This week, we will wrap up the course with a focus on carefully selecting the appropriate social media platform based on your target audience and you’ll learn how to create and manage a social media policy.