Introduction to Scrum Master Training

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  • Welcome to the Certified Scrum Master courses
    • In this module, we will explore the courses included within this specialization and discuss the outline of the Scrum and Agile Curriculum. We will also take a look at what you will learn in this first course, as well as introduce your instructor for this journey.
  • Agile and Scrum Basics
    • In this module, we will discuss the Agile methodologies, Agile Manifesto Values and Principles, and Agile Economics. We'll compare Agile and Waterfall, and explain some of the benefits of building incrementally.
  • Agile Basics and Roles
    • In this module, we will take a look at the Scrum Pillars and Values. We will also discuss Scrum Teams and the roles within a Scrum Team. Lastly, we'll explore User Stories and Task Management.
  • Scrum Events: the Sprint, Vision, Planning, Review, and Retrospective
    • In this module, we'll explore the Sprint and what events happen during the Sprint. We will also discuss these events individually and list what happens during each meeting.
  • Agile Artifacts: Vision, Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, and Product Increment
    • In this module, we will discuss the different Agile Artifacts, the Product Increment and the Agile Vision. We will also explore the Sprint Backlog, the Product Backlog, and the Release Backlog. Lastly, we'll take a look at Story Points and how they are calculated, as well and the Definition of Done for the Sprint.