Introduction To R Software

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Week 1: Basic fundamentals, installation and use of software, data editing, use of R as a calculator, functions and assignments.Week 2: Use of R as a calculator, functions and matrix operations, missing data and logical operators.Week 3: conditional executions and loops, data management with sequences.Week 4: Data management with repeats, sorting, ordering, and lists.Week 5: Vector indexing, factors, Data management with strings, display and formatting.Week 6: Data management with display paste, split, find and replacement, manipulations with alphabets, evaluation of strings, data frames.Week 7: Data frames, import of external data in various file formats, statistical functions, compilation of data.Week 8: Graphics and plots, statistical functions for central tendency, variation, skewness and kurtosis, handling of bivarite data through graphics, correlations, programming and illustration with examples.