Introduction to R Programming and Tidyverse

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  • Introduction to R, RStudio and RMarkdown
    • In the first module of this course, you will install and configure R and RStudio. You will review the fundamentals of R and reproducibility, install R packages required for the course, and input basic commands using the RStudio console. Finally, you will create an RMarkdown document - the deliverable for this module.
  • Functions
    • In this module, we will explore functions in R. You will review the syntax of functions and best practices of function creation. You will also practice writing functions with default arguments and argument validation.
  • Data Visualization using ggplot2
    • In this module, you will be introduced to ggplot2 - an R package for data visualization. You will explore the different grammatical elements and aesthetic mappings (layers) that are essential to visualize data in ggplot2.
  • Data Analysis with dplyr
    • In the final module of this course, you will be introduced to data analysis using dplyr. You will learn and practice with the many dplyr verbs including select, filter, arrange, mutate, group_by, and summarize.