Introduction to Psychology: Sensation and Perception

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Descripción del Curso

Explore the role of touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell in our behaviour

How do our sensory systems work together to help us understand the world and somebody else’s behaviour?

On this course, you’ll find out - investigating perception and how our senses help our mind create the world we live in. You’ll also explore the differences between perception and sensation and how they work together with attention to determine what we perceive in the environment. Before you finish, you’ll investigate why psychologists study sensation to better understand perception, which is a key component of our behaviour and mental processes.

This introductory course is for anyone interested in psychology - you don’t need any past experience.

It might be of particular use to learners who have already completed a Bachelor degree in other disciplines who are interested in expanding their science and research skills.

Complete this course, then the program

This course is part of the Introduction to Psychology Program, based on the first unit of Monash University’s fully online Graduate Diploma of Psychology (GDP).

Learners who successfully complete the seven courses in the Program and who are accepted into the Graduate Diploma of Psychology will receive one unit of academic credit.