Introduction to process modeling in the Membrane Separation Process

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Separation processes are integral unit operation in most of the modern chemical, pharmaceutical and other process plants. Among the separation processes, some are standard and conventional processes, like, distillation, absorption, adsorption, etc. These processes are quite common and the relevant technologies are well developed and well studied. On the other hand, newer separation processes, like, membrane based techniques are gaining importance in modern days plants. The present course is designed to understand the basic process modeling in this novel separation technique.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Nothing as such, just a basic understanding of physics, mathematics and chemistry is enough.PRE-REQUISITES : Elective cours
Both UG and PG
It will be useful for students pursuing BE, ME, MS, BSc, MSc, PhDINDUSTRY SUPPORT : CSIR institutes and laboratories, water purification industries, membrane manufacturing industries.