Introduction to Polymer Science

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Week 1:Introduction: Background, Nomenclature, Classifications, Molecular Weight, Examples of Applications, Principles of PolymerizationWeek 2:Synthesis of Polymers: Step-Growth Polymerization, Radical Chain PolymerizationWeek 3:Synthesis of Polymers: Radical Chain Polymerization (cont.), Controlled Radical Polymerization, Emulsion Polymerization.Week 4:Synthesis of Polymers: Ionic Chain Polymerization, Coordination Polymerization, Ring-Opening Polymerization, CopolymerizationWeek 5:Characterization of Polymers: Polymers in Solution, Chain Dimension, Determination of Molecular WeightWeek 6:Determination of Molecular Weight (cont.), Frictional Properties of Polymers in Solution, Hydrodynamic Size, Chemical Composition, Polymer ProcessingWeek 7:Phase Structure and Morphology of Bulk Polymers: Amorphous and Crystalline States, Viscoelasticity, Multicomponent Polymer Systems,Properties of Bulk Polymers.Week 8:Properties of Bulk Polymers (Cont.): Mechanical, Optical, Electrical, Surface and Other Industrially Relevant Properties, Polymer Degradation and Stability, Polymer Additives, Few Contemporary Topics, Challenges and Opportunities in Polymer Science.