Introduction to People Analytics

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  • Introduction
    • As the name suggests, this module will introduce the course and its content, as well as give an overview of what triggered the explosion of People Analytics.
  • Performance
    • In this module, we talk about measuring performance, setting KPIs, organizing performance evaluation and touch upon the issue of biases. In your first peer-reviewed assignment you will get to apply your knowledge as a manager of a sports club. You can get in the right mood by watching (or rewatching) Moneyball.
  • Culture and Assessments
    • Culture is a very elusive topic, but it is still measurable and it affects performance a lot. In this module we discuss its various aspects, why it affects performance, and what are the "enemies" of performance-enhancing organizational cultures
  • Compensation
    • In this module we will talk about various compensation models and you will learn how to do compensation benchmarking. In your second peer-reviewed assignment you will apply the new knowledge to conduct your own benchmarking project.
  • Motivation and Engagement
    • After discussing how monetary motivation works, we continue with non-monetary motivation and engagement and how they affect performance.
  • Workforce Planning and Recruitment
    • In this module, you will learn about recruitment analytics, assessing candidates, optimizing recruitment channels, etc. Your third peer-reviewed assignment will be baaed on a real-life dataset of a startup which took analytical approach to candidate marketing.
  • Development
    • The final module is dedicated to training and development planning and calculating its ROI. We hope you will enjoy the final peer-reviewed assignment, where you will be required to calculate the ROI of this class for you.