Introduction to OpenCL on FPGAs

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  • Heterogeneous Parallel Computing
    • The student will be provided with a brief motivation for the necessity of parallel computing along with its inherent challenges.
  • OpenCL for Platform and Host-side Software
    • In this module, we will begin to craft an understanding of OpenCL as a viable framework for the development of heterogeneous Parallel Computing Solutions on Intel FPGAs
  • Executing OpenCL Kernels
    • For this module, we will explore the basics of the OpenCL standard.
  • NDRange Kernels
    • Building upon what we've covered up to this point, you will learn how to write your very own OpenCL program
  • OpenCL on Intel FPGAs
    • The Finale: you will get to compile and run your OpenCL programs using the Intel FPGA SDK for OpenCL