Introduction to Online Learning in Higher Education

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Week wise Modules Online Learning in HE- The Global Scenario and Indian Context 1 Online Learning in HE- The Global Scenario and Indian Context · The evaluation of Online learning · Global scenario of online learning ·Current status, future prospects and challenge of online learning in India 2 Online Initiatives of HE systems in India · Digital initiatives of Government of India · Initiatives of IGNOU in online learning · Pedagogical Aspects of Online Learning 3 Pedagogical Aspects of Online Learning · Importance of Pedagogic content knowledge · E-learning design and its pedagogy · Course design and development aspects on online learning 4 Instructional Design for Online Programmes · Principals of Instructional design for Online courses · Models for design and development of an Online Courses · Learning theories, course-design models 5 Designing and Developing E-Content for Online Courses · Digital tools for tools for effective learning environment · E-content standards · Design and development of e-content for Online courses 6 OERs and their integration in Online Courses · Introduction to OER · Different types of OER licenses · Identification of OER for online courses 7 Academic Support for Online Learning · Importance of academic support for online learners · Technology and tools for academic support 8 Introduction to Learning Management System · Importance of LMS · Features of MOODLE 9 Assessment in Online Learning · Types of continuous evaluation processes and assignment methods · Methods of assessment and their technological integration 10 SWAYAM and SWAYAM Prabha in Indian HE System .Understanding SWAYAM and SWAYAMP Rabha · Four Quadrant approach · Development of SWAYAM course proposal 11 Mobile Learning · Overview of mobile learning · Mobile learning in various teaching learning process · Tools used in Mobile Learning 12 Analysis of Learning and Learner · Significance of Analysis of Learning and Learner · Current practices of learner analysis · Tools for analysis of leaning and learner