Introduction to Modern Diplomacy: Principles, Practices and Actors

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Learn about the practices of modern diplomacy within the 21st century

Over the duration of this informative course, you’ll develop an understanding of the framework of modern diplomacy within the 21st century, and will gain in-depth knowledge of how to relate diplomacy to the current state of global affairs.

Discover the framework of modern diplomacy

After an overview of the concept of diplomacy and its principles and practices, you’ll then use case studies to explore examples of diplomacy with a global content, and will get the chance to learn from diplomatic journeys around the globe.

You’ll also cover the legal frameworks of diplomatic and consular law within the modern world, and will decipher what the law of diplomatic immunities means in our current environment.

Apply the skills of communications and protocol within a diplomatic context

Using case studies with leaders from all over the globe, you’ll get an insight into how to best communicate themes of diplomacy and the protocol behind it.

You’ll also learn about smart diplomacy - the latest trends within managing international relations - as well as the role Artificial Intelligence and digital diplomacy play in today’s world.

Finally, you’ll cover the themes of soft power and public diplomacy within the current geopolitical sphere.

Learn from the best minds at the Global Diplomatic Forum

You’ll be learning from some of the world’s leading experts in the themes of diplomacy, as well as academics, international organisations and leaders within the technological and corporate spheres.

This informative course is for students and trainee diplomats aiming to pursue a career in diplomacy for their government or for international organisations.

It’s also suitable for junior diplomats looking to update their knowledge and sharpen their diplomatic skills.