Introduction to Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) Technology

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Discover the challenges and advantages of additive manufacturing processes

This short course will develop your knowledge and understanding of metal additive manufacturing technology, from AM processes to how AM is used in different industries.

Understand the workflow of the additive manufacturing process

Alongside expert guidance from educators at KU Leuven and the EIT RawMaterials, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of what additive manufacturing is.

As you explore the various steps of the AM process chain, you’ll also consider the disadvantages and advantages of additive manufacturing.

Explore the main applications of additive manufacturing

As well as getting to grips with what metal additive manufacturing is, you’ll broaden your understanding of its many applications.

From aerospace to the biomedical industry, you’ll consider how metal AM is applied in different industries.

Develop your knowledge of metal additive manufacturing materials

The course will also offer you the chance to learn about the different materials used for metal additive manufacturing.

You’ll explore how it’s used for prototyping and also how it can be employed for the manufacturing of safety-critical parts in high-demand applications.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn about the basics of metal additive manufacturing.

More specifically, this course is useful for people from industry. Whether you’re an engineer or manager at a company producing raw materials and equipment for metal AM, you work at an AM company and want to train new recruits, or you’re from a sector where the use of AM parts is being introduced (eg medical, aerospace, automotive), this course will help you or your team to upskill.