Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design and Manufacturing with Fusion 360

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  • The future of manufacturing and innovation
    • In Week 1, we’ll review how Fusion 360 relates to current trends in the industry. By identifying career skills required for mechanical engineers, we can better understand the toolset needed and how Fusion 360 can help.
  • Fusion 360 Foundational Concepts
    • In Week 2, we’ll gain a better understanding of Fusion 360 by learning the basics of file storage and management and also learn how to transition into Fusion 360 from another CAD application.
  • Introduction to CAD Modeling
    • In Week 3, we’ll explore the design aspects of Fusion 360 including sketching, modeling, assembly creation, animation, rendering, and detailed drawings. These various skills make up the core of CAD functionality in Fusion 360. We'll apply these skills as part of our design for manufacturing design approach.
  • Introduction to CAM and CAE
    • In Week 4, we’ll explore how to use Fusion 360 to create simulations and G-code for CNC machining. These integrated tools help complete the design for manufacturing process using the design, engineering and manufacturing tools in Fusion 360.