Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture

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Japanese Language has been taught as part of the Foreign Language Programme at IIT Kanpur since July 1995. With increasing technical and economic ties between India and Japan, more Japanese companies are doing business in India and vice versa. This gives rise to the urgent need for more Indians to learn at least the rudiments of Japanese for their professional advancement.This course has been designed with the above background and keeping in mind the requirements of Level’s 5 of the ‘Japanese Language Proficiency Test’, held by Japan Foundation. It focuses on conversational skills and basic training in sentence construction, simple situational conversation, grammatical knowledge and elements of Kanji (Chinese pictograms),and the kana (Katakana and Hiragana) scripts.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Any Interested Learners




Week 1: Introduction to Japanese scripts and particles; Introducing oneselfWeek 2: Interrogative words; Demonstrative pronouns and adjectives; Time; HobbiesWeek 3: Conversation with time expressions and simple verbsWeek 4: Negative form of verb; Locational nounsWeek 5: Simple conversation on phone; Conjunctions; Volitional form of verbWeek 6: Types of Adjectives – ‘i’ and ‘na’ adjectivesWeek 7: Negative form of adjectives; Plain form of verbsWeek 8: Negative forms of verbs; Expressions for giving or receiving things, gifts, etc.
Week 9: Potential form of verbs; Some proverbs and expressions
Week 10: Expressing intent or purpose; Examples from Japanese way of life
Week 11: Permission and seeking approval; Basic Kanji
Week 12:Filling out simple forms; Conditional form of verbs; Kanji(Contd..)