Introduction to Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things

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Week 1: Introduction: Sensing & actuation, Communication-Part I, Part II, Networking-Part I, Part II
Week 2: Industry 4.0: Globalization and Emerging Issues, The Fourth Revolution, LEAN Production Systems, Smart and Connected Business Perspective, Smart Factories
Week 3: Industry 4.0: Cyber Physical Systems and Next Generation Sensors, Collaborative Platform and Product Lifecycle Management, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Artifical Intelligence, Big Data and Advanced Analysis
Week 4: Cybersecurity in Industry 4.0, Basics of Industrial IoT: Industrial Processes-Part I, Part II, Industrial Sensing & Actuation, Industrial Internet Systems.
Week 5: IIoT-Introduction, Industrial IoT: Business Model and Referece Architerture: IIoT-Business Models-Part I, Part II, IIoT Reference Architecture-Part I, Part II.
Week 6: Industrial IoT- Layers: IIoT Sensing-Part I, Part II, IIoT Processing-Part I, Part II, IIoT Communication-Part I.
Week 7: Industrial IoT- Layers: IIoT Communication-Part II, Part III, IIoT Networking-Part I, Part II, Part III.
Week 8: Industrial IoT: Big Data Analytics and Software Defined Networks: IIoT Analytics - Introduction, Machine Learning and Data Science - Part I, Part II, R and Julia Programming, Data Management with Hadoop.
Week 9: Industrial IoT: Big Data Analytics and Software Defined Networks: SDN in IIoT-Part I, Part II, Data Center Networks, Industrial IoT: Security and Fog Computing: Cloud Computing in IIoT-Part I, Part II.
Week 10: Industrial IoT: Security and Fog Computing - Fog Computing in IIoT, Security in IIoT-Part I, Part II, Industrial IoT- Application Domains: Factories and Assembly Line, Food Industry.
Week 11: Industrial IoT- Application Domains: Healthcare, Power Plants, Inventory Management & Quality Control, Plant Safety and Security (Including AR and VR safety applications), Facility Management.
Week 12: Industrial IoT- Application Domains: Oil, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, Applications of UAVs in Industries, Real case studies :
Case study - I : Milk Processing and Packaging Industries
Case study - II: Manufacturing Industries - Part I
Case study - III : Manufacturing Industries - Part II
Case study - IV : Student Projects - Part I
Case study - V : Student Projects - Part II
Case study - VI : Virtual Reality Lab
Case study - VII : Steel Technology Lab