Introduction to Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things

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Industry 4.0 concerns the transformation of industrial processes through the integration of modern technologies such as sensors, communication, and computational processing. Technologies such as Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics are considered to be the different drivers necessary for the transformation. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is an application of IoT in industries to modify the various existing industrial systems. IIoT links the automation system with enterprise, planning and product lifecycle.This course has been organized into the following modules:
INTENDED AUDIENCE : CSE, IT, ECE, EE, Instrumentation Engg, Industrial Engineering, Industry ProfessionalsPRE-REQUISITES : Basic knowledge of computer and internetINDUSTRY SUPPORT : All Industrial Sectors



Week 1: Introduction: Sensing & actuation, Communication-Part I, Part II, Networking-Part I, Part II
Week 2: Industry 4.0: Globalization and Emerging Issues, The Fourth Revolution, LEAN Production Systems, Smart and Connected Business Perspective, Smart Factories
Week 3: Industry 4.0: Cyber Physical Systems and Next Generation Sensors, Collaborative Platform and Product Lifecycle Management, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Artifical Intelligence, Big Data and Advanced Analysis
Week 4: Cybersecurity in Industry 4.0, Basics of Industrial IoT: Industrial Processes-Part I, Part II, Industrial Sensing & Actuation, Industrial Internet Systems.
Week 5: IIoT-Introduction, Industrial IoT: Business Model and Referece Architerture: IIoT-Business Models-Part I, Part II, IIoT Reference Architecture-Part I, Part II.
Week 6: Industrial IoT- Layers: IIoT Sensing-Part I, Part II, IIoT Processing-Part I, Part II, IIoT Communication-Part I.
Week 7: Industrial IoT- Layers: IIoT Communication-Part II, Part III, IIoT Networking-Part I, Part II, Part III.
Week 8: Industrial IoT: Big Data Analytics and Software Defined Networks: IIoT Analytics - Introduction, Machine Learning and Data Science - Part I, Part II, R and Julia Programming, Data Management with Hadoop.
Week 9: Industrial IoT: Big Data Analytics and Software Defined Networks: SDN in IIoT-Part I, Part II, Data Center Networks, Industrial IoT: Security and Fog Computing: Cloud Computing in IIoT-Part I, Part II.
Week 10: Industrial IoT: Security and Fog Computing - Fog Computing in IIoT, Security in IIoT-Part I, Part II, Industrial IoT- Application Domains: Factories and Assembly Line, Food Industry.
Week 11: Industrial IoT- Application Domains: Healthcare, Power Plants, Inventory Management & Quality Control, Plant Safety and Security (Including AR and VR safety applications), Facility Management.
Week 12: Industrial IoT- Application Domains: Oil, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, Applications of UAVs in Industries, Real case studies :
Case study - I : Milk Processing and Packaging Industries
Case study - II: Manufacturing Industries - Part I
Case study - III : Manufacturing Industries - Part II
Case study - IV : Student Projects - Part I
Case study - V : Student Projects - Part II
Case study - VI : Virtual Reality Lab
Case study - VII : Steel Technology Lab