Introduction to High-Throughput Materials Development

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  • Welcome
    • What you should know before you start the course
  • Introduction
    • Frame the grand problem of materials design and how the Materials Genome Initiative approach, which encompasses high-throughput computational and experimental techniques as essential elements, will accelerate materials discovery and development. Provide a historical perspective and future outlook.
  • Library Preparation
    • This module covers methods to experimentally generate discrete or gradient material libraries for interrogating the influence of composition or microstructure on properties; various process and synthesis methods for different classes of materials are considered
  • High-Throughput Characterization of Composition and Structure
    • This module covers techniques suitable for measuring the elemental composition and the structure in the material libraries; techniques for different classes of materials are considered.
  • High-Throughput Property Measurements
    • This module covers techniques to experimentally conduct property measurements suitable for high-throughput screening; optical, electronic, mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties are considered.
  • Applications
    • This module illustrates several applications of HTMD covering a range of material classes, properties, industrial sectors, and maturity levels.