Introduction To Haskell Programming

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Functional programming is an elegant, concise and powerful programming paradigm. This style encourages breaking up programming tasks into logical units that can be easily translated into provably correct code. Haskell brings together the best features of functional programming and is increasingly being used in the industry, both for building rapid prototypes and for actual deployment.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: Any one interested in learning this languagePRE-REQUISITES: NIL
INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Would be useful in any industry requiring a good understanding of programming, algorithms and data structures.



Week 1: Introduction to Haskell and the ghci interpreterWeek 2: Defining functions: guards, pattern matching and recursionWeek 3: Lists, strings and tuplesWeek 4: Types and polymorphimWeek 5: Higher order functions on lists: map, filter, list comprehensionWeek 6: Computation as rewriting, lazy evaluation and infinite data structuresWeek 7: Conditional polymorphism and type classesWeek 8: User defined datatypes: lists, queues, treesWeek 9: Input/output and the ghc compilerWeek 10:Arrays