Introduction to Fuzzy Set Theory, Arithmetic and Logic

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Week 1: Introduction to Fuzzy sets , Crisp vs Fuzzy Types of Fuzzy sets, Membership functions , Alpha cuts Contd alpha cutsWeek 2: Operation on fuzzy sets, t-norm, complements t-conorm, combination of operartions continuedWeek 3: Introduction to Fuzzy arithmetic Interval arithmeticWeek 4: +,-,,* using alpha cuts MIN and MAX fuzzy numbersWeek 5: Fuzzy arithmetic using Alpha cuts continued Decomposition principleWeek 6: Extension principle Fuzzy arithmetic using Extension Principle Fuzzy EquationsWeek 7: Relations, Introduction to fuzzy relations Projections, Equivalence relation, transitive closure, compatibility relationWeek 8: Introduction to propositional Logic, Boolean Algebra Multi valued logicWeek 9: Fuzzy Logic, Linguistic hedges, Fuzzy propositions (conditional and unconditional)Week 10: Inference from conditional and qualified fuzzy propositionsWeek 11: Fuzzy Quantifiers, Inference from quantified fuzzy propositionsWeek 12: Introduction to possibility theory Possibility vs probability Belief and Plausibility, Dempsters rule