Introduction to Faecal Sludge Management

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  • An introduction to faecal sludge management
    • This first week of this course includes an overview of what faecal sludge is, and the importance of an integrated approach to faecal sludge management. It provides an introduction to what is currently lacking, weak links in the service chain, and also presents positive examples of what is working.
  • Overview of fundamentals for design and selection of treatment technologies
    • The second week of this course is based on an integrated engineering design approach, and will introduce fundamentals and required information for the design and selection of technologies, including objectives, mechanisms, quantification and characterization. It also includes the collection and transport of faecal sludge to treatment.
  • Treatment technologies for faecal sludge
    • The third week of this course focuses on engineering aspects of how to size and properly operate treatment technologies.
  • Integrated approach to faecal sludge management
    • Sanitation solutions do not rely on technology alone, and are prone to failure if an integrated planning approach that includes stakeholder involvement and the development of appropriate institutional, management and financial arrangements is not implemented. Presented in week 4 is the full picture, in addition to technology, that needs to be considered for sustainable solutions.
  • Innovations in faecal sludge management
    • Faecal sludge management is a relatively new and rapidly growing field. As a result, many solutions are not yet fully developed, which has to be carefully considered in technology implementation. Week 5 will focus on current research and innovations in technologies, to provide an understanding of the most up-to-date options, and what needs to be considered for further development and implementation.