Introduction to Embedded System Design

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Embedded Systems surround us in the form of gadgets and devices that we use. There is no aspect of human lives, which is untouched by such devices at home or for health diagnostics, transportation, entertainment. Learning out Embedded Systems will give the skills to design and manufacture embedded system products of the future which will help participants towards better employability. This course teaches embedded system design using a building block approach, which allows one to visualize the requirement of an embedded system and then to design it efficiently. The course will teach embedded system design using a microcontroller, namely Texas Instruments MSP430 low power microcontroller. The course will introduce various interfacing techniques for popular input devices including sensors, output devices and communication protocols. It will teach power supply design for embedded applications. It will also teach effective embedded programming techniques in C and how to maintain code using GIT. It will have a significant practical component, which will be achieved through a MSP430 microcontroller kit, to be distributed for free, to selected participants.

INTENDED AUDIENCE :Undergraduate students in engineering and science.PREREQUISITES :Anyone with understanding of basic electronic components and circuits, digital electronics and C programming.
INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Supported by Texas Instruments.