Introduction to Digital Transformation with Google Cloud

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  • Introduction
    • Welcome to Introduction to Digital Transformation with Google Cloud! In this module, you'll meet the instructor, learn about the course content, and how to get started.
  • Module 1: Why cloud technology is revolutionizing business
    • This module introduces cloud technology as a paradigm shift and explains how it’s irrevocably transforming businesses globally. It defines the fundamental ingredients of cloud technology—compute power and data—and how they can be used to create new value within a business.
  • Module 2: Digital Transformation with Google Cloud
    • Businesses might be at different stages in their digital transformation journey. Google Cloud has identified common opportunities and challenges that necessitate the use of cloud technology. Similarly, Google Cloud offers solutions categorized according to these challenges and opportunities. All of that is covered in this module.
  • Module 3: Scaling the innovation mindset
    • Cloud is not just about a technological transformation; it requires transforming the way we work, too. This module begins with an overview of six focus areas for an organizational transformation and then hones in on the sixth: innovation. It looks specifically at how to organically create and scale innovation through culture and business practices. It offers key principles, drawing examples from Google’s success and a real world scenarios, that you can apply in your day-to-day operations.
  • Summary
    • This module provides a summary of the key points covered in each module and next steps you can take to continue your learning.