Introduction to Digital Transformation Part 2

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  • Digital Infrastructure
    • Data is key to digital transformation. In this module, you’ll learn how to build out your core digital infrastructure, a critical component of your digital transformation stack. By the end of this module, you'll be able to explain the impact of cloud computing on business processes, consider how to leverage cloud computing to store and share data, list requirements for data integrity and security, and learn how to organize the IT function to collect and store data efficiently.
  • Digital Technologies
    • Change as a constant has never been truer than with digital transformations. In this module, we will look at the key drivers of digital transformation, opportunities they have already established and the challenges they bring. Then we will explore emerging trends and technologies, what is possible/likely in the future, and currently what we're seeing in practice.
  • Digital Business Functions
    • Data and analytics affect every facet of an enterprise; in fact, digital technologies and infrastructure are transforming the function of virtually every business function from marketing to finance to HR. In this module, we’ll explore the impact of digital technology on a range of business functions. You will see how these functions are being transformed, creating new opportunities and challenges.
  • Business in Practice - WAYMO Case
    • In this module, you'll have the opportunity to engage in a case study, which is a method of teaching popular at many business schools. First, you'll read an article and learn how the case based method of learning works, and then you'll be able to practice your new skills on the Waymo case, written by Professor Mike Lenox.