Introduction to Digital Transformation and E-Commerce

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Explore the challenges of digital change and transformation in modern business

This 2-week course offers you insight into the emergence of digital business, and the chance to discover key digital transformation strategies and technologies.

The emergence of the digital economy has unlocked new opportunities for businesses, while simultaneously creating new modes of competition in both ‘traditional’ and new digital sectors of the economy.

Discover the challenges and benefits of digital transformation in business

On this course, you’ll find out how and why businesses are striving to lead the way in innovating new digital technologies and practices.

You’ll explore the drivers of digital technology adoption and learn how digitalisation and technology can be used to leverage competitiveness and strategy in organisations from multiple perspectives.

Develop your understanding of e-commerce strategy

You’ll also be introduced to the scope and history of e-commerce, and familiarise yourself with key e-commerce management concepts and how to apply them in practice.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn the different categories of e-commerce – from B2B to B2C – and how these classifications may impact digital strategy.

Understand digital business technology in a global context

After exploring the differences between digital and traditional businesses, you’ll be introduced to the core concepts of social media marketing and how it helps businesses reach a global audience.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the challenges affecting digital businesses around the world today and the digital business management strategies that can help solve them.

This course is designed for students and early business professionals who’d like to enhance their knowledge of digital business for work in digital and e-commerce businesses or within management consultancies.

Please note that the individuals detailed in the ‘Who will you learn with?’ section below, are current staff members and may be subject to change.