Introduction to Data Analytics

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  • Working with Data
    • This week you’ll get an overview of the Introduction to Data Analytics Course and then you’ll be introduced to setting Goals, Objectives and Key Performance Indicators for marketing campaigns. The 5 steps of a Data Science Project will be explained with the introduction of the OSEMN cycle framework. You’ll finish out the week seeing a real-life application of each step of the OSEMN cycle.
  • Python for Data Analysis
    • This week you will be introduced to programming in Python. You will learn foundational programming concepts such as variables, data types, and functions.
  • Data Cleaning and Processing
    • In week three, you’ll dig into how to clean and process data you’ve gathered using spreadsheets, SQL, and the Python Data Analytics Stack (Pandas).
  • Introduction to Data Visualization
    • This week you’ll be introduced to the Tableau platform which you will use to create data visualizations and dashboards. You’ll learn different types of visualization and their use cases.
  • Structuing Real-World Analytics Projects
    • This week you will combine all the information you have learned throughout the course and apply it in your first data analytics project.