Introduction to Cyber Security

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Internet has led to widespread and drastic changes in our lives. Due to its reach and coverage, more and more processes and activities in organizations large and small are shifting online. Banking and Communication sectors are just a couple of glaring examples of this development. However, the ease of use brought about by computers has brought with it a significant rise in malicious attacks on digital devices and software systems. With increased dependence on computers and Internet, organizations are constantly exposed to high levels of business, operational and strategic risks. Hence, it is a challenge for these organizations to protect their data and systems from unauthorized access. This foundation program is geared towards generating and enhancing awareness about cyber security challenges and the concepts of cyber security and cyber ethics among the stake holders to help them become responsible cyber citizens and participate safely and securely in the rapidly evolving information-age society. This course is in line with the directions of UGC to introduce an elementary course in cyber security at UG and PG level across all the Indian Universities/ Institutions. Thus, the course aims to address information gaps among people with respect to cyber security and can be used as an foundation course in cyber security across all the Indian Universities. The course content will contain recorded videos, which are based on the syllabus designed by the experts. All the participants, who are enrolled for the course, can take the course online. Also they can download the video/text material for later use. After the completion of each lecture, the students can clarify their doubts with the instructor, who is available online. At the end of the course, the students have an option to undergo an online test which is objective in nature. On successful completion of the exam, the student shall be provided with a certificate declaring the participation and successful completion of the course by the candidate as per the guidelines