Introduction to Content Marketing Strategy with Advertising Week

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Learn how to create a strategic content marketing plan

This course will develop your understanding of the planning and practice of content creation for marketing purposes.

We’ve all heard content is king, but how do you create content that succeeds and aligns with your wider marketing goals?

Learn the rules of strategic content creation

Content marketing is valuable for every type of organisation, but it isn’t the same as creating editorial content or journalism.

Once you’ve got to grips with what content marketing is and why to use it, you’ll learn how to identify what types of content marketing are right for your organisation.

You’ll explore different content marketing ideas and formats, and learn how to create content that relates to your customers.

Set and reach content marketing goals

As well as learning how to create great content, you’ll also learn how to define and set goals for your content that align with your marketing strategy.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills to create a strategic content marketing plan, as well as the content your organisation needs to succeed.

This course is designed for those beginning a career in marketing who’d like to build their skills in content marketing.

It will also be useful for those already working in marketing who haven’t specialised in content marketing previously, as well as SMEs who want to create content marketing but don’t have a dedicated marketing team.