Introduction To Composites

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This course is intended for all those who want to conduct experiments in area of NVH. Thus, the course is open to students of engineering and science, and also to all those who from the industry and research organizations – who are working in area of sound, NVH and acoustics. Each lecture will be followed by a quiz, which will help student the concepts better, and gain deeper insights to measurement process. The course is fairly generic so that there is no need for a particular background. Rather, what is needed is openness, and ability to learn and check out new ideas with comfort.
INTENDED AUDIENCE:UGs, PGs, professionals in industry who want to learn about basics of sound and acoustics
Must be enrolled into a B. Tech. program or equivalent and should have completed at least second year of his 4-year program.
INDUSTRY SUPPORT:Automotive, Composites, Aerospace, Sports, Railways, Power Generation and all industry that has to address issues related to noise.



Week 1 : Intro and terminologyWeek 2 : Concept ReviewWeek 3 : FibersWeek 4 : Matrix materialsWeek 5 : Short fiber compositesWeek 6 : Short fiber compositesWeek 7 : Orthotropic laminaWeek 8 : Orthotropic laminaWeek 9 : Orthotropic laminaWeek 10 : Composite laminatesWeek 11 : Composite laminatesWeek 12 : Composite laminates