Introduction to Classical Mechanics

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Week 1:Generalised coordinates, D’ Alembert’s Principle, Euler Lagrange equation of motion and its applications.Week 2:Hamilton’s Principle. Conservation laws.Week 3:Small oscillations: Free Oscillations, Damped oscillations.Week 4:Forced Oscillations, Resonance, Normal Coordinates.
Week 5:Central force problem, reduction to 1 body problem, Equation of motion and first integrals.Week 6:Classification of orbits. Scattering in central field.Week 7:Kinematics of rigid body motion: Degrees of freedom of rigid body, orthogonal transformations.Week 8:Euler angles, Euler’s theorem.
Week 9:Finite and infinitesimal rotations.What are tensors? Moment of inertial tensorWeek 10:Principle axis transformation,Euler Equation of motionWeek 11:Torque free motion of a rigid body. Heavy symmetrical top with one point fixed.Week 12:Hamilton equation of motion, Conservation theorems, Canonical transformations.