Introduction to Cataract Surgery

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  • Unit 1: Prior to the Operating Room
    • This unit describes what needs to take place prior to getting the patient to the operating room. Although this unit may seem trivial, knowing when to make the decision to do surgery, having a good informed consent discussion, selecting an intraocular lens and anesthetic type are critical to a successful surgery and happy patient.
  • Unit 2: In the Operating Room and Getting to the Cataract
    • This unit begins in the operating room after the patient is prepped and draped. It covers each step needed for you to access the lens. Once you begin operating, you will realize that each step of surgery has a domino effect. If the beginning steps are not done skillfully, it will make the rest of the case more difficult.
  • Unit 3: Removing the Cataract and Intraocular Lens Placement
    • This unit is where all the fun begins. The lectures cover lens and cortex removal. We also discuss intraocular lenses and their insertion into the eye. While lens removal is the most critical step of surgery, it is also where the most serious complications occur, so pay attention!
  • Unit 4: Cataract Complications and Extras
    • This unit covers some additional tools and strategies you will need to manage complications and difficult cataracts. Just like every person isn’t the same, neither is every cataract. Fortunately, we have many tips and tricks that will help you succeed no matter what type of cataract you tackle.