Introduction to Business Analytics with R

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  • Course Overview and Module 1 How Do I Get Started Using a Data Analytic Language to Solve Business Problem?
    • In this module you will be introduced to (1) the role of data analytics in business domains, and (2) R and RStudio.
  • Module 2 How Do I Get to Know My Data and Share It with Others?
    • In this module you will explore whether data is an asset and how to explore a dataset.
  • Module 3 How Can I Use Functions to Help with Data Preparation?
    • This module starts with a discussion on the importance of assembling data for business analytic purposes, and then illustrates data transformation using Tidyverse, a group of useful R packages. 
  • Module 4 How Do I Preprocess Data?
    • In this module, we will learn how delegation, feasibility, and control influence the level at which data is aggregated. We then focus on performing a variety of data preprocessing tasks to prepare data for use in visualizations and algorithms.