Introduction to AWS Identity and Access Management

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  • Week 1
    • In Week 1, you'll explore basic concepts of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and explain how authentication and authorization impact whats users can see and do in AWS.
  • Week 2
    • In Week 2, you'll dive deeper into IAM policies and explore core concepts in access management. You'll also be introduced to the first lab assignment.
  • Week 3
    • In Week 3, you'll explore details of IAM roles and why they are preferred over long-term credentials. You'll also complete your lab assignment this week.
  • Week 4
    • AWS details best practice and recommendations to secure your AWS resources. In Week 4, the last week of this course, you'll explore benefits of AWS resources and tools that make IAM policy and permission troubleshooting easier. You'll also take an end-of-the-course assessment to wrap things up.