Introduction to Automated Analysis

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  • Introduction to Automated Analysis
    • In this module we will learn about a range of techniques for analysis of programs and methods to automate testing. Along the way we will learn how to specify properties of interest to check about a program and capture assumptions about the environment for effective testing. To reinforce some of the important concepts learned we will practice automated testing using effective tools on a concrete example.
  • Automated Test Generation
    • The focus of this module is to understand how various techniques can help us automate the generation of useful and numerous tests. We will examine ways to specify and use properties of the system and the environment to guide the generation of test data.
  • Static Analysis
    • The goal of this module is to introduce the learner to the principles of statically analyzing programs, understand how analysis techniques work by looking at some example analyses, and some good practices to follow when designing programs to enable the tools to help us detect and avoid defects. The learner will gain an understanding of using static analysis tools by looking at one concrete tool.
  • Effective Automated Verification
    • This module will examine how to use effective automation techniques for a variety of purposes such as performing effective regression testing, discovering security vulnerabilities and monitoring software at run-time for critical properties.