Introduction to Astrophysical Fluids

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The physics of astrofluids is the subject of active research during past seventy years.Starting from the solar wind and magnetospheric plasmas, the scope of astrophysical fluids expands upto large interstellar clouds. A thorough understanding of astrophysical fluid dydnamics is essential to understand fascinating phenomena like the formation of sunspots, solar flares, accretion disks, stellar winds, explosion of supernovae, the formation of stars etc. This course is structured to offer the students a systematic analytical approach towards various astrophysical concepts along with a research oriented outlook.
Advanced UG and PG (Masters and PhD) students.PREREQUISITES : Basic knowledge of vector analysis (algebra and calculus), partial differentiation, fluid dynamics and electromagnetism are required. A notion of Hamiltonian mechanics is preferable.INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :None