Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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  • What is AI? Applications and Examples of AI
    • This week, you will learn what AI is. You will understand its applications and use cases and how it is transforming our lives.
  • AI Concepts, Terminology, and Application Areas
    • This week, you will learn about basic AI concepts. You will understand how AI learns, and what some of its applications are.
  • AI: Issues, Concerns and Ethical Considerations
    • This week, you will learn about issues and concerns surrounding AI, including - ethical considerations, bias, jobs, etc. - their impact on society. This information will help you to have an informed discussion on the costs and benefits of AI, and reassure decision makers about implementing an AI solution.
  • The Future with AI, and AI in Action
    • This week, you will learn about the current thinking on the future with AI, as well as hear from experts about their advice to learn and start a career in AI. You will also demonstrate AI in action by utilizing Computer Vision to classify images.