Introduction to Applied Machine Learning

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  • Introduction to Machine Learning Applications
    • This week, you will learn about what machine learning (ML) actually is, contrast different problem scenarios, and explore some common misconceptions about ML. You will apply this knowledge by identifying different components essential to a machine learning business solution.
  • Machine Learning in the Real World
    • This week, you will learn how to translate a business need into a machine learning problem. We'll walk through some applied examples so you can get a feel for what makes a well-defined question for your QuAM. Narrowing down your question and making sure you have the data necessary to learn is critical to ML success!
  • Learning Data
    • This week is all about data. You will learn about data acquisition and understand the various sources of training data. We'll talk about how much data you need and what pitfalls might arise, including ethical issues.
  • Machine Learning Projects
    • This week you will learn about the Machine Learning Process Lifecycle (MLPL). After understanding the definitions and components of the MLPL you will analyze the application of the MLPL on a case study.