Introduction to Application of Robotic Tools

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Learn the fundamentals of robotic applications

On this two-week course from Luleå University of Technology, you’ll develop a working knowledge of the use of robotics, gaining essential practical skills for robotic applications.

Delving into the fundamentals of robotics, you’ll be equipped with the basics of 3D modelling, object detection, computer vision, and image processing.

You’ll discover examples and get hands-on experience in developing engaging and useful robotics applications. The skills you gain in this course will help you understand how to develop robotic tools in application across various sectors.

Delve into object detection

You’ll learn about different sensing modalities such as RGB sensors, thermal, and 3D lidars that provide diverse types of data for robotic application development.

In coordination with sensing, you’ll also learn about basic perception tasks that can be introduced in robotics applications, such as object detection. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to reflect on these capabilities and how to use them in practice.

Gain practical skills in the application of robotics

Through various example applications, you’ll learn how to demonstrate the use of robotic tools ensuring you finish the course with the practical knowledge to use in your context.

Learn from the experts at Luleå University of Technology

With a long history of excellent research in robotics, control engineering, and other technological fields, Luleå University of Technology is ideally situated to offer this course.

You’ll also benefit from the guidance of a headteacher who has years of experience in robotics training and research, including active roles on several leading robotics research groups.

This course is designed for anyone interested in learning how to develop robotic tools.

It will be most beneficial for those who have some theoretical knowledge of robotics and want to gain more hands-on experience.