Introduction to Android graphics

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  • 2D Graphics
    • Welcome to this first module. In this module, we'll cover the basics of 2D Graphics in Android. We'll use an example program I've created to cover: the canvas drawing functions, drawing basic objects with colours, and finally affine transformation.
  • 3D Graphics
    • In this module, we'll cover how to create 3D graphics in Android. We will build on what we learned in the last module on 2D graphics to look at the fundamentals of 3D graphics, including: transformations, viewing and projections, and colour.
  • Implementing 2D and 3D Graphics in Android
    • In this final module, you will apply everything you have learned into a summative assignment where I'll ask you to create a dancing robot! This assessment will draw upon 2D and 3D graphics so I suggest you review the materials from the previous two modules if you need to.