Introduction to algorithms and analysis

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Week 1: Sorting problem, time complexity, asymptotic analysis.Week 2: Solving recurrence, Divide-and-Conquer.Week 3: Quicksort and Heap Sort, Decision Tree.Week 4: Linear time Sorting, Order Statistics.Week 5: Hash Function, Binary Search Tree (BST) Sort.Week 6: Randomly build BST, Red Black Tree, Augmentation of data structure.Week 7: Van Emde Boas, Amortized analysis, Computational Geometry.Week 8: Dynamic Programming, Graphs, Prim's Algorithms.Week 9: BFS & DFS, Shortest path problem, Dijktra, Bellman Ford.Week 10: All pairs shortest path, Floyd-Warshall, Johnson Algorithm.Week 11: More amortized analysis, disjoint set data structure.Week 12: Network flow, computational complexity.