Introduction to Algae

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  • Algae Basics
    • This section will cover what algae are, how they've evolved, and how they've transformed our planet. We will also go over how humans have used algae throughout history.
  • Algal Diversity
    • Algae are extremely diverse, and in this section you will learn about the main different types.
  • Algal Ecology
    • Algae are found almost everywhere and have complex ecologies. This section covers the basics of algal ecology including some of the other organisms they interact with in nature and in industrial settings.
  • Algae Biomanufacturing Part 1
    • Algae are studied because of their potential to create products using biomanufacturing. In this section, we will look at how algae is used as an industrial organisms and different examples biomanufacturing technologies.
  • Algae Biomanufacturing Part 2
    • In this section we will examine the important steps of algae biomanufacturing. This includes techniques for productive culture growth, harvest, and creating useful products from biomass.